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If your school or organization
would like members of BAS to come
to a star party you are hosting,
please click on and fill out this application and return it to:

All applications are subject to
approval and availability.

*The best time to have a star party is near the first quarter or last quarter moon phase.
*The worst time to hold a star party is near a full moon. It's hard to see detail of the moon.
* The darker the sky, the more Star Clusters and Nebula you can see .
* Schedule your star party 30 minutes before dusk.
* Try to keep away from street lights and other bright white lights.
* Encourage your attendees to dim their lights when entering the observing area.
*Use red flashlights and lighting when you are in an observing area.
* Many areas, you will encounter mosquitoes and bugs. Encourage your attendees to use bug spray.
*Summertime is not usually a good time for star parties because of weather, excessive mosquitos and bugs.

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