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Dave Guibert

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2015-04-24 Hubble 25th Star party
Dave Guibert

August 25th 2003. Mars was at its closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years. I went outside with my binoculars and took a look. Right then I decided to get a new telescope. Fifteen years earlier I sold my 3" Empire refractor which my father purchased for me back in the 60's. While looking for a new telescope, I came across the BAS Website and decided to take a look. Went to the Planetarium at BCC and got hooked. Ended up getting a 10" Schmidt Newtonian. Followed by a 105mm EXT Maksutov telescope. And I've been with the club for twelve years. I now have six telescopes, have been President twice and am now its Vice President for the second time. Will be with the club till I move or die which ever comes first.


Steve Ratts
Vice President




Ken Diller

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Introduction to Newtonian Telescope Design (pdf)
Ken Diller

My interest in astronomy began when I received a small telescope as a gift at the age of 12. Thereafter my interest grew into making things therefore I made a 6 inch reflector telescope while a teenager also.  After my teenage years many years passed before I became more active in astronomy for the last 15 years.  The telescope that I currently use is a homemade 8 inch F5 Newtonian Reflector (to include grinding and polishing the primary mirror) on a commercial made equatorial mount.

My main interests in astronomy are observing deep sky objects, constructing telescope equipment, and astrophotography. Also currently serving as the BAS Treasurer.




Fran Kaplan

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seCassini’s last close sweep of Saturn’s moon Hyperion
Fran Kaplan




Oscar Sifuentes
Outreach Coordinator

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2015-04-24 Hubble 25th star party








John Small
Past President

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John Small Astronomy Imaging

John Small

The day I became an astronomer was on my father's birthday, April 16, 1978. I was on a camping/fishing trip in Everglades National Park with my best friend Mark Zinn. We set up our campsite on Pavilion Key. It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. At 3pm a thunderstorm passed over with winds of 60 mph and extreme lightning. We survived and after the storm passed the sky cleared. The prior week I had been watching Jack Horkheimer (the Star Hustler) on WPBT in Miami. He had said four planets in syzygy and a partial Moon would be visible at the same time of night. That night we used my binoculars to observe Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. I was hooked and bought a 4.5 inch Meade Newtonian. As the years passed my interest and scope collection grew. Mark passed away in 2008. The last night I was with him we observed M15 from my yard in Satellite Beach. Rest in peace brother, you are missed and loved.